AGluvs Reusable Antimicrobial Gloves:

Kill Germs on Contact

AGluvs go above and beyond your standard reusable gloves. These antimicrobial gloves help keep you and your community safe. Handle objects with peace of mind, without harming your skin, your health, or the earth.

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Workplace safety


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Sensitive Skin

Why AGluvs?

Are your surfaces safe?
Pathogens can stay on surfaces for hours and up to days, waiting for a host to thrive in.

We are more conscious than ever before about the things that we touch. Surfaces, whether indoors or outdoors, can be home to germs that can make us sick. Worse, we can pass these germs on to our loved ones without even realizing it.

Safe and Secure
Stay Safe With AGluvs

Unlike standard reusable gloves, our 2-layered AGluvs antimicrobial gloves are specially designed to protect you from germs and avoid any cross-contamination. You can keep your hands sanitized for hours even without access to water and soap, or sanitizer.

Prevent Cross-Contamination
Drastically Reduce the Fear of Cross-Contamination

Cross-contamination is one of the major causes of community spread diseases.

AGluvs drastically reduce the fear of cross-contamination by helping your disinfecting solutions last longer. AGluvs feature a fast-absorbing outer layer that keeps antimicrobial chemicals active inside their weave.

As a result, AGluvs can provide protection for hours, while staying dry to the touch.

Protect Employees
Protects Hands From Dryness and Cracks

The harsh chemicals in hand sanitizer can cause long-term dryness, especially with frequent use. 

AGluvs help protect your hands from harsh chemicals. These gloves feature a unique, liquid-repellent inner layer that keeps your hands germ- and chemical-free. AGluvs even allow you to handle bleach safely.

Not only are you protected from the long-term effects of harsh chemicals, but AGluvs are also breathable, mildew resistant, UV protectant, hypoallergenic, and fire retardant! 

Reusable Gloves: A Cost-Efficient Alternative To Hand Sanitizer

The case against hand sanitizer

Keep Your Community Safe With AGluvs

Kill germs on site. Get peace of mind without harming your skin, health, or the earth..

Only $8.00 for each pair of AGluvs reusable antimicrobial gloves.

*Bulk discounts available, Contact us for pricing. Purchase while supplies last.

*Imprinted gloves available for bulk orders, Contact us for details.

Due to limited supply and high demand, hand sanitizers can be costly and hard to come by. In contrast,

  • AGluvs antimicrobial gloves are cost-efficient, and readily available whenever you need them.
  • Machine washable, AGluvs can be used again and again. In fact, AGluvs can be washed up to 90 times without losing efficacy. This makes AGluvs a much more affordable option compared to standard disposable gloves.
  • Using AGluvs also allows you to free up storage space that would otherwise be occupied by disposable gloves, or hand sanitizer bottles.  

Environmentally Friendly

AGluvs help keep your business green by reducing your overall waste. This is a huge improvement over disposable gloves, which can be detrimental to the environment. Being eco-friendly isn’t just for the environment, it’s good for business, too.